• Mooka Chanel

A Day In Hawthorne with Sean Ev

On the corner of fifteenth street and highland stood Sean Ev patiently awaiting on my arrival. Bright red shorts, a black hoodie, and a fresh pair of Yeezy boost 350’s was his attire for the day. As I approached the Manhattan Beach library, his presence was made known through a warm smile and an inviting hug. Before our interview even began he expressed his passion towards his latest project titled, “F.T.L.O.M” that was released on January 4th. Listen to the full interview of the Shine Season podcast here


"I took some months off from took me a while to really come up with a body of work that I thought was meaningful and that could make an impact." said Sean Ev as he talked about the process that he endured to create his latest project. It is no coincidence that the acronym present in the title of his latest project "F.T.L.O.M" represents Sean Ev's love for music. In the song titled "Many Tears" the rapper Sean Ev. recites, "Started writing raps when n*ggas was 9, in '06 that was my dream to be the best of my time." The rapper has always had a passion for hip hop. Being a Los Angeles native and finding a passion that keeps him motivated is something that the artist takes pride in. Collaborating through authentic chemistry and loyalty is what makes the art so personal to the artist. Sean Ev mentioned working with likes of artist Jayo Cortez and music video director Da'mon Broussard for his latest project.


As the interview came to an end, Sean Ev and I had lunch at Bossa Nova, a local Brazilian cuisine restaurant in Hawthorne, CA. Although the interview concluded hours prior, we continued to hold a conversation about what Sean Ev see's next for himself. The rapper talked about his passion for music and his hopes for the future. "I can't see myself working an average 9-5 job, music is the only thing I see myself doing." said Sean Ev as he talked about his post-grad college plans. I have no doubt that the rapping college student will reach his goals. His determination to finish school coupled with his hunger for success will take him where he desires to go in life.