• Mooka Chanel

The Marathon Must Continue

#SHINESEASONPODCAST "I just didn't quit. That's the only distinguishing quality from me and whoever else is going through this, went through this, or who's gonna go through this...I went through every emotion with trying to pursue what I'm doing." - Nipsey Hussle.

Photography by Jeilani Brown-Roper. (@j4ybr)

The heartbreaking loss of rapper, neighborhood mogul, community advocate, and all-around legendary Nipsey Hussle has left many individuals to mourn a death that will probably always feel so surreal. On the latest episode of the Shine Season Podcast, Mooka Chanel reflects on her memories and the legacy of Nipsey Hussle.

Photography by Jeilani Brown-Roper. (@j4ybr)

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