• Mooka Chanel

The One You Need to Know

#FASHIONFRIDAY- I remember when my mom was working graveyard at the LAX feels like it was just the other day when she came home that morning with an autograph from the rapper Lil Mama. On a crumbled up receipt paper the autograph read, "To Caution Ent. Keep Working and Never Give Up - Lil Mama". At the time my best friends and I formed a rap group and my mom was our manager. When my mom met Lil Mama she couldn't help but to tell her about our rap group. Many years have passed but I will never forget how that autograph made me feel. Fast forward to today I can't help but to think that this is a full circle moment.

Many people have taken notice to the rebranding of Lil Mama's image and so have I. Over the years she has evolved from Lil Mama, a proud New York native rapper with a feminine b-boy style to Niatia Kirkland, the grown and elegantly sexy, multi-hyphenated businesswoman. What I admire most about her rebranding is definitely the looks she's been serving to the culture!

Some of my favorite looks have been curated at the skill of the emerging stylist, Scot Louie (@scotlouie). I've had my eye on Louie's work for some time now and it's safe to say that I am an admirer. His clientele holds ranking to the names of the culture's biggest stars such as Normani Kordei, Ryan Destiny, Kehlani, Nafessa Williams, Becky G, and Keke Palmer.

I'm excited to see what the stylist has in store for the rest of 2019 considering the fact that he has been applying some real pressure to the game during the first quarter of the year. As the stylists' catalog grows, the culture is reminded that fashion needs Louie.

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